The Project

I. Defining the concept of Pedorthic Information Modeling – PIM   

Pedorthic Information Modeling is the environment for the digital representation and manipulation of the aesthetic, physical and functional characteristics of the information model of the pedorthic devices relying on the parametric design approach and leading to the efficient management of multiple variations of the designing, manufacturing and evaluation processes required to fulfill the patient needs, the objectives of foot pathomechanics’ conservative treatment, economic viability and legal requirements over its life cycle .

II. Creating PIM (Pedorthic Information Modeling) software tools

  • II.1 – WIP: Parametric design of a foot orthosis

  • II.2 – WIP: Parametric design of an orthopedic/therapeutic shoe/footwear last
  • II.3 – WIP: Parametric design of shoe/footwear soles
  • II.4 – WIP: Parametric design of 3D shoe/footwear uppers
  • II.5 – WIP: Parametric design of 2D shoe/footwear patterns
    • II.5.1 -WIP: Shoe/footwear last flattening

    • II.5.2 -WIP: Design of 2D patterns
  • II.6 – WIP: Rendering
  • II.7 – WIP: Introducing simplified biomechanical foot models

III.  WIP From virtual to the real life – manufacturing medical shoes based on PIM

IV. Creating the first CAD-CAM Lab for foot orthoses from Romania, in a partnership with Centrul Medical de Podiatrie