Why ‘Pedorthic Art’?

In many countries we have:
-Pedorthic Management,
-Pedorthic Foundation,
-Pedorthic Association,
-Pedorthic Institute,
-Pedorthic Programs,
-Pedorthic Certificate,
-Pedorthic Services,
-Pedorthic Lab,
-Pedorthic Center,
-Pedorthic Clinic,
-Pedorthic Devices,
-Pedorthic Care,
-Pedorthic Assessment,
-In Romania we don’t have ‘Pedorthics’.

The question is: do we still have therapeutic footwear (…) the bad and the ugly?
People who need therapeutic footwear know the answer!

I’m not an artist and I’ll never be one! More than that, David Blackwell’s quote somehow suits me: “I’ve worked in so many areas—I’m sort of a dilettante. Basically, I’m not interested in doing research and I never have been. I’m interested in understanding, which is quite a different thing. And often to understand something you have to work it out yourself because no one else has done it”. Pedorthics is a very challenging profession as no matter how ‘good’ your product is, some people will not wear it and will not benefit  from its therapeutic value because they will consider it unaesthetic or, even worse, ugly! And if the aesthetic sense is not one of yours main attributes then your job is hard to be finished.

This is a professional, long-life, personal development project through Pedorthics. I’ve done and I’ll do a lot of things by myself but there are some areas where I need and I have to search for other people’s expertise, talent, creativity and enthusiasm. I hope I’ll find them!

I think there is a need for more ‘Art’ in Pedorthics.
It will not be fast or easy at all, but I believe in this project!